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Field and Equipment

The Field and Equipment Management Task Force is accountable for the maintenance and upkeep of fields and equipment in a fiscally sound manner. If  it is determined that new equipment will be needed, the chair of the task force must submit these requirements, and an estimate, to the board.  If there is not money in the budget for the equipment purchase, the task force needs to work with the fundraising task force to raise the required funds.

● Seasonal check of equipment both pre- and post-season
● Remove and store nets at end of season
● Assignment/scheduling of field work to be done by list of volunteers
● Equipment maintenance
● Submit equipment order needs to board
● Work with fundraising task force as needed to raise required funds
● Field preparation/setup and check before each game day
● Work with vendors on least expensive, best options for shirts and uniforms
● Obtain size list from Registrar/Coaches
● Order Spring uniforms or fall shirts in accordance with policies set by
board. If an additional fundraising effort is needed to pay for uniforms,
work with fundraising committee.
● Organize and distribute shirts or uniforms to teams in a timely fashion