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Player and Coach Development

Coach Development


● Develop a coaching philosophy for PYSA, and ensure that this philosophy
is applied in a consistent way
● Develop a coaching handbook
● Obtain from registrar a list of individuals who are interested in coaching
● Arrange for coaching clinics and work with the communication team to get
the word out
● Supervise the training of new coaches
● Develop an evaluation process for all coaches
● Ensure that evaluation process is applied consistently to all coaches
● Ensure that best coach available coaches each team (with consideration
for family relationships between coaches and team members and other
coaching resource constraints)

Player Development


● Develop an evaluation methodology for all players
● Assist with selection of players for particular spring and fall teams based
on evaluations
● Help registration team place kids on teams at registration time
● Determine any age or ability related waivers for players for submission to
MYSA and coordinate with Registration Committee
● Select and recommend soccer camps for players
● Run the PYSA soccer camp for all PYSA and outside players
● Ensure delivery of each player evaluation to Communication/PR