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Online Registration Help

Online Registration Help

Player Registration

Page One allows you to choose from two options.  If you have an existing login enter your name and password into the box on the right.  If you are absolutely sure that you DO NOT have an existing account for your child then enter the information required on the left.  If you have registered your child for PYSA in the past (either online or in person) then please click on the ‘Player Password Lookup’ link under the right hand box and enter your email on the following screen.


Page Two contains child and parent information.  Verify the information on the page, verify you are at least 13 years of age and then click on Continue.


Page Three contains emergency contact and pertinent medical information.  Please be sure to include as much information as possible in case of an emergency.


Page Four contains payment information.  This screen will show you all available registration options for your child.  You may pay all at once or in payments.  If you are going to make payments over time then please plan to pay via credit card or debit card in the next step.


Page Five is a confirmation of everything you have entered in the previous steps.  Please check that all information is correct.